Summer Resolutions

My Hiking Trail
My Hiking Trail


It is hard to believe that our summer is almost over. Last week of August, and here in the Northeast some leaves are starting to loose their intense green and others are changing ever so slowly to their fall colors.  As I ponder on how fast this warm weather is coming to an end, I must confess that the thought of fall brings a smile to my face.  Dry, crisp weather with comfortable daytime temperatures that turn into cool nights.  It is a wonderful time for all kinds of outdoor activities.  It is an inviting time to exercise more.  As a matter of fact, it was in August of 2011 that I started training for my half marathon in October of that year.  Although not training for any events, I have been running with my new dog that requires insane amounts of physical activity.

It is also the time of the harvest – farmers markets sprout everywhere and are full of fresh, delicious, locally grown vegetables, legumes, salads and fruits.  You have access to all of your favorite produce and also have the opportunity to try new things at their prime.  Having a tasty, healthy meal is so much easier this time of the year.

As I get excited about exercising more and eating better and healthier, it reminds me of New Year’s resolutions.  We go through this routine of deciding what we want to accomplish in the New Year and make all these resolutions at a time that is cold, everything around us is frozen, and the days are short with dark and long nights.  There is nothing wrong with making New Year’s resolutions in January but how about doing End of Summer resolutions to attain better health?  Why not take advantage of the weather, the fresh and abundant harvest, the longer days and cool nights and start some healthy habits?  It seems to me that it will be much easier to keep them and when the winter comes, hopefully you have a routine.  Having a routine of daily exercise and healthy eating when the winter comes will not only improve your overall health but will also make it easier for you to keep going during the winter months.

So, I propose that we take advantage of the bright days, cooler temperatures, abundant locally grown foods and make some simple but powerful resolutions – exercise daily, enjoy healthy and delicious meals by creating colorful plates and get ready for a healthier winter.  Make these your End of Summer Resolutions!